***Before we get started, we would like to say that any sheepskin rug that has been dyed should only be professionally dry cleaned. You should try to find a dry cleaner that has experience with sheepskin products and is confident in their ability to clean it correctly. Sheepskin is an extremely unique material and it requires a delicate and specific type of care to be cleaned properly.***

For those of you with natural colored sheepskin rugs, please read this entire article before starting the cleaning process...

Washing your Sheepskin

Your natural colored sheepskin rug can be hand or machine washed in warm (100°F or less) or cold water using a gentle detergent such as Eucalan Wool Wash. You should never use Bleach, Woolite, or laundry detergents like ‘ALL’ or ‘TIDE’ on your sheepskin. These types of harsh detergents will strip the wool of its softness and also make the leather underside hard and inflexible. If you decide to use a washing machine, you should use the gentle cycle. Once finished, use the spin cycle to get rid of excess water. Once finished, you should stretch the rug to its original shape while it is still damp and pliable. This is a crucial step and it can only be done at this time.

Drying your Sheepskin

Under no circumstance should you tumble dry or iron your sheepskin. Sheepskin should only be air dried by lying flat or hanging on a line. While drying, always keep the rug out of direct sunlight and never use any type of artificial heat. This includes space heaters and heating vents.

Restoring the Sheepskins Look and Feel

Once you have washed your sheepskin, the wool may appear curly and flat. This is okay since "curly and flat" is actually the original look of the sheepskin before it was straightened during the "tanning" process by the manufacturer. To restore the wools straight and fluffy appearance, you should casually brush the wool with a wire brush or comb at three different times in the process: once while wet, once while damp and again when dry. This will bring back the bouncy and fluffy appearance the rug had when it arrived. 


Due to the delicate nature of Sheepskin and the fact that we cannot supervise the washing process, in no way do we guarantee any result. This includes customers who directly purchased their product from OhSheepskin.com.